Which is your favorite crypto?

I wait for your response

What is the most exciting part of the Genesis upgrade?

Genesis upgrade will restore many exciting features. Which one is your favorite? Which use case will be made possible with it?

Proof that President Trump is Q anon

5 pieces of hard evidence that President Trump and the military are operating under Q

What will replace OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY & OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY after the Genesis upgrade?

Since these two opcodes will be removed after Genesis and (from my understanding) nLockTime works in a slightly different way (prevents transaction from being included in a block vs. UTXO being locked until given time/block height), how will be possible to achieve same functionality after that?

Is it possible to build a locking/redeem script using other opcodes that achieves the same result? Or is there something else?

What is the easiest way to mining BSV?  

Which pool is the best one?  

Where does Santa come from?

What are the cultural and/or religious origins of Santa Claus? Who are his precedessors or similar personas in different cultures today or in the past?

Any other interesting facts related to it?


Why don’t people sneeze when they’re asleep?

The best source of information for an absolute beginner in blockchain aka BitCoin

I need the best source of information for absolute beginners into the space videos text whatever you can get the best information will win 😁

How to decode merkle/transaction proof that Bitcoin SV software provides?

One can ask Bitcoin SV not to provide a proof that a given transaction was included in a block. E.g.:

➜ bitcoin-cli gettxoutproof '["ea32120687851afe3418ab3642af94a4c69684e4b87f8a529807489e09d74ec5"]'

Proof can be verified using the verifytxoutproof RPC command, but let’s say I would like to verify the proof in a custom application that does not have access to a Bitcoin node.

How can I decode the proof HEX blob? What data is part of it and how can I get block, merkle proof and transaction information from it?

Where is the proof that the Nazis went to the Moon

Videos pictures links documentation

How to get the current UTXO set?

Is it possible to get a current unspent transaction outputs set from a Bitcoin node? Or more generally, is it possible to get a UTXO set at an arbitrary block height?

If not possible through a node, is there any other solution that provides that?

How can I cheat bit Q&A

5 ways please to hack the system to your advantage

5 pieces of hard evidence that Craig Wright is Satoshi nakamoto

The answer should be extremely simple easy to find and any person can easily verify it.

And a step to step guide how to do it yourself with all the links attached to it

3 cheapest places to stay close to the conference in London 2020

I’m staying the 17th to the 24rd of February I’m looking for a cheap and nice place to stay very close to the conference

Which will be the first BSV application that will catch mainstream adoption?

Now, this will obviously require some speculation, but why not. There are many exciting Bitcoin SV applications being released practically at a daily basis, but they are arguably mostly used by the (still small in grand scheme of things) BSV community.

I predict that at some point we’ll see one/some of those applications gain attention of the general public and take off - probably dragging the entire ecosystem with them.

If you could bet which (or what kind of) app that will be, what would you bet on?

Is there a real world cancer cure. None pharmaceuticals

Lots of my friends family members have died of cancer. Neighbors family close friends the big question is is there a non-toxic medicine that can cure cancer fully

A easy answer. If time is an illusion what is the past what is the future

I’m trying to understand time how come is time an illusion. Yes I understand that it’s man-made how come some people are talking about traveling back in time or in the future of time and some people are saying it’s irrelevant it’s all one thing.the question is how can you put this one thing into a simple word or a simple sentence

Why did the US invade Korea?

The reason for the US going to war in Korea is pure propaganda (stop communism from spreading).

What is the real reason and motive?

How is it decided whether a question has been answered satifactorally or not on BitQ&A?

How is it decided whether a question has been answered satisfactorily or not on BitQ&A? If I pose a question and someone answers do I have to approve their answer and then authorise payment?

Who will reach speed of light first?

Whenever the fastest antelopes escape and the slowest are eaten, it becomes more and more difficult for future lions to catch the fast antelopes, so that only the fastest lions can survive and reproduce. This leads to ever faster lions and antelopes. So the question is, who will reach the speed of light first? Lion or antelope?

How to get more people use this great app?

I think this is a really great app and I would like to see more non Bitcoin related and more philosophical questions. So how to make this more public?

How can I learn BSV program developing?

I am a Windows programmer and I know C++/C#. I want to know how to develop a BSV program, Who can help me?

Healthcare&bitcoin question

Can we somehow improve our healthcare system when it comes to bitcoin? How could we implement bitcoin in the healthcare industry?

The self-awareness question

When you are talking to yourself inside your head, who is the one who is speaking and who is the one who listens?

Golang library for BSV

I would like to know if there’s a simple golang library that it is possible to use to build and send BSV transactions.

Christians - which wife with me in Heaven?

Asking for a friend…….

In Christianity, suppose my wife passes away.
We had always considered ourselves “soul mates” who would be reunited in heaven.

I meet someone else, fall in love, and marry wife number 2. My love for number 2 seems to be just as strong as wife number 1…..I consider her also to be my soul mate?

How is this resolved in Christian heaven? Who will I spend eternity with?

Is it possible to use browser's crpyo primitives with bsv library?

I have some code that does a lot of HD derivation and ECIES encryption/decryption and I noticed that it runs quite slow in the browser. I did some profiling and it seems that it spends most of the time in the libraries that handle primitives (sha256 hashing, big int, …).

This makes sense as it seems that we have this primitives natively in node, but we need to use libraries in the browser. I did some Googling and it seems that newer browsers do have some support for this things so I was wondering if it is possible to use that when available? I suspect that would speed up things significantly?

I am thinking about browser’s native APIs such as SubtleCrypto and BigInt. Or even an Emscripten-compiler Javascript library such as js-nacl.

How to programatically post a Twetch?

Is there a way to programatically post a Twetch? If yes, how should one do it?

How is merkle tree and merkle root calculated?

How to calculate a merkle tree? What is “merkle proof” and how does it fit into the SPV? How does one validate a merkle proof? And how all that affects Bitcoin?

Which transactions are available from "getrawtransaction" RPC call when "-txindex" is disabled?

I noticed that even with -txindex disabled getrawtransaction RPC call still returns transactions. I assume that without the full index it will still return transactions that node software needs for other reasons (wallet transactions, UTXOs, …). But what are those cases? Which types of transactions are available even without the full transaction index? And what happens if I request a transaction that is not available?

Double hash in Bitcoin

what exactly is this? Does this mean every TX gets hashed twice? How does it help to filter the content from the block chain (As Dr. Wright said)? Why cant i hash it just once and save the hash of the TX and prune the data (illegal)? Isnt the content now filtered with just a single hash? or am i getting it wrong?

Why does a bitcoin client from 2015 sync to the BTC chain if BSV is the unbroken chain?

I have been asked this question a number of times and haven’t found an adequate answer.

How to create multi-sig without P2SH?

I would like to use multi-sig, but since the P2SH will be removed I’d like to use something that will be future proof. What are my options?

Which exchange should be used?

Of all the exchanges mentioned in Discord, Telegram, Slack and Twitter, none seems to stand out as the obvious choice. All seems to have had their good share of shenanigans, on way or another. Either by delisting, which is an obvious no go, or more dangerous business models like hyperleveraging, crypto loans and worse.

Mix IP2IP and SPV What it means SBV

Why mix IP2IP and SPV? What is SBV? Practical use and advantages?

How does IP2IP work?

I heard a lot of discussions mentioning IP2IP at the recent CoinGeek conference in Seoul. I really like the idea of users exchanging transactions peer-to-peer, but I am wondering how IP2IP works on a technical level?

Does it require a daemon/service running on the recipient’s computer that listens for incoming transactions or is there some other approach?

If transaction hashes only are stored in blocks, then where is OP_RETURN data stored?

An answer to a previous question and the whitepaper both agree that blocks don’t store full transactions, but rather, transaction hashes.

So then, what if I add data in OP_RETURN, say, the text “Hello, world!” Isn’t that a transaction output, or at least contained in an output, and therefore part of a transaction?

If not, or if so and only transaction hashes, not transactions themselves persist, then how does the OP_RETURN data stay on the blockchain?

what is the cheapest computer to run SV

What is the cheapest desktop I can buy to run SV node at home and have it handle the biggest blocks today?

A link would be appreciated

How to run Bitcoin SV on MacOS?

I would like to run Bitcoin SV software on MacOS, but I noticed that there are no binaries available. How to compile it on MacOS? Are there any alternatives that do not require compilation from scratch?

How to create a valid Bitcoin transaction?

If I want to create a Bitcoin transaction, which are the parts I should add to it? What is the meaning of each part and what are any special considerations that I should think of?

I would also like to, assuming I am looking at a transaction’s HEX blob, be able to decode it/determine various parts of it.

How are Bitcoin blocks structured?

Bitcoin blockchain is made of individual blocks. I am wondering how do these blocks actually look like. Which different data types are part of them? What is each part of the block used for, what is its meaning and what are the possible values that can those values take?

I would also like to, assuming I am looking at a block’s HEX blob, be able to decode it/determine various parts of it.