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Can we get more categories and what is next on the roadmap?

I would love to have a category Software>Brand/Name and start posting program specific questions that I can invite people who I know have the right answers to answer. My goal would be to offer bitcoin outsiders that possibility to earn right out of the gates. Testing out 10 people with moneybutton who are subject matter experts in our organization that could potentially be extended to customer driven questions. Sign up for moneybutton, go to faucet for satoshis, register here and start earning on your knowhow. This could in turn add additional services like branding for Official answers (Green checkmarks for official brands or something).

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Difference(s) Between Anonymity and Privacy

I’ve been told the difference between privacy and anonymity in Bitcoin is: Anonymity = untrackable and Prvacy = undisclosed but trackable. Can you elaborate on the details of each of these meanings? For instance, trackable by whom? And undisclosed to whom? HOW is it tracked? etc

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