About BitQ&A

Earn Bitcoin by helping others

BitQ&A is a questions & answers (Q&A) platform powered by Bitcoin SV and MetaNet. The main difference between BitQ&A and other similar Q&A platforms is in the Bitcoin incentive system.

BitQ&A lets users pay for high quality answers. It also lets them earn by providing answers to open questions - earn money by helping others.

For more information about the platform and how it works check the FAQ page.


BitQ&A was built and is ran by Janez Urevc, a prominent entrepreneur, engineer and open source contributor. BitQ&A was originally created as part of the 2nd Bitcoin SV virtual hackathon.

Get in touch

You can reach us through the BitQ&A's Telegram support channel or via Twitter.


If you discover a security vulnerability, please email security@bitqa.app.


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