Frequently asked questions

What is BitQ&A?

BitQ&A is a questions & answers (Q&A) platform with Bitcoin incentive model. It is powered by Bitcoin SV and MetaNet.

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin. It restored the original Bitcoin protocol as designed by Satoshi Nakamoto and promises to provide a stable and secure platform that scales massively. For more information check Bitcoin SV's vision.

How to get Bitcoin SV (BSV)?

The simplest way to get some BSV is to buy it on Besides that there are many other cryptocurrency exchanges that list BSV.

What is MoneyButton?

MoneyButton is simple, intuitive, secure and fast online wallet. It is non-custodial (which means that you - and only you - are in full control of your money). Money Button is like the Facebook Like Button, but with money instead of likes. There are many sites and businesses that integrate with MoneyButton and let you spend and earn money on their platforms.

You will need a MoneyButton account and some Bitcoin SV (BSV) in it in order to use BitQ&A.

How to ask a question?

One can ask a question by navigating to the "Ask a question" page, writing the question down, deciding on the bounty amount and swiping the MoneyButton. Markdown can be used to format the question. A live preview will be generated below the form as the question is being written.

What is a bounty and who gets it?

Bounty is a reward for the best answer. When the question is originally asked some amount is required. More money can be added to the bounty pool at a later time (by the original asker and also other users of the site). Higher bounty amount will make a question more attractive for others to answer and thus increase the probability of a high quality response.

Bounty is distributed when an answer is accepted. Majority of the bounty will go to the author of the accepted answer. Some portion of the bounty will also go to the users who voted on the accepted answer.

How to answer a question?

In order to answer a question use the answer form, which is at the bottom of the question page. Markdown can be used to format the answer. A live preview will be generated below the form as the answer is being written.

By providing an answer one qualifies for the bounty. Another possibility to earn money from the answer are the votes.

One can also answer on question that already have an accepted answer. Such questions already distributed the bounty so that isn't available any more. However, voting is still enabled and can provide revenue for answers even on such questions.

How to accept an answer?

User that asked the question can accept an answer by clicking on the "Accept this answer" button next to it. The user needs to be logged in in order to be able to do that.

How to vote on an answer?

Anyone can vote by swiping the "Vote" MoneyButton next to the answer they want to vote on.

How does BitQ&A make money?

We get a small portion of every transaction that users make on the site. This is our main and only revenue stream. BitQ&A does not not display ads or sells user's data.

BitQ&A is cool! Can I donate?

If you like our efforts please donate using the MoneyButton widget below.

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