5 pieces of hard evidence that Craig Wright is Satoshi nakamoto

The answer should be extremely simple easy to find and any person can easily verify it.

And a step to step guide how to do it yourself with all the links attached to it

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Compilation of +440 Craig Wright´s Post, Papers & Books (2019 12 30) chronological order

I just published Compilation of +440 Craig Wright´s Post, Papers & Books (2019 12 30) chronological order https://link.medium.com/LA13Bqni93

5 Reasons

Although this is not 100% proof, this does build a good case.

(1) Dr. Craig Wright’s Predicted Crypto Regulations came to fruition

A. European 5th Anti Money Laundering Directive


B. Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 (United States) (Pending)


(2) Dr. Craig Wright claims Bitcoin uses double hashing and describes it in a different manner then others claimed it worked.

(3) Dr. Craig Wright believes Bitcoin is Turing Complete, it’s complex to explain what is or is not Turing Complete.

(4) Bitcoin would not need Merkel Trees if it wasn’t designed to be so complex, according to Dr. Craig Wright.

(5) Bitcoin was designed to be traceable and comply with KYC/AML according to Dr. Craig Wright. EGold, BitGold, GoldMoney, and Liberty Reserve were all anonymous Crypto Currency systems that were shut down by join efforts of many countries.


Not an answer.

You can eliminate all but two options; either he is Satoshi, or he was Satoshi mentor. I would go with second one, given shown knowledge of design and knowledge of utilising the network which surpasses these demonstrated by Satoshi.

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