Best solution for backend BSV hot-wallet

I am looking for a solution to implement a backend hot wallet. It needs to be able to spend pretty much instantly upon API call. The refilling of the wallet can happen manually, but it needs a way to generate a new address and output it somehow so I can refill it. Bonus points if the backend wallet has a way to resolve paymail addresses. Bonus points for links to the respective library. Also helpful to know which proprietary systems exist which could be contacted to see if their system could be leveraged.

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Satchel - A Bitcoin SV js wallet library

Have a looke at Satchel.
It is a Bitcoin SV js wallet library that integrates with Unwriter’s endpoints to get updates and uses Bitindex to send the transactions.

To resolve Paymal to bitcoin addresses you could use Polynym which is also a Javascript library.


Idk what you said but Volt has a lot of features.

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