Christians - which wife with me in Heaven?

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In Christianity, suppose my wife passes away.
We had always considered ourselves “soul mates” who would be reunited in heaven.

I meet someone else, fall in love, and marry wife number 2. My love for number 2 seems to be just as strong as wife number 1…..I consider her also to be my soul mate?

How is this resolved in Christian heaven? Who will I spend eternity with?

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Accepted Answer

Accepted: The Philosopher

Why are you assuming that Heaven is about spending time with your soul mate?

Yes, you will meet her.

Yes, the two of you will still feel earthly love towards each other.

But earthly love is a temporary thing. Godly love is the only love that lasts. In Heaven you get to be with God. You get to experience His love. You get a chance to learn to love like He does.

Different Cristians will give you different answers. Catholics, protestants, orthodox… they all have their small differences.

But all of them agree on one thing:

  • Heaven is about being with God.

No marrying or remarrying

There is nothing to resolve in heaven. Read Matthew 22:30. It says people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.

Love for God

Love for God is the only love that will matter. It’s hard to grasp what this means, but we all shall bow in God’s presence and it won’t be a burden or chore in any way.

The relationships as we know it today won’t exist as we only truly know the one of the flesh. We’ll get to know the one of the Father.

Love is God. Every tear shall be taken care of.

the Curious Sceptic

The answer is in the following question. Are there any real problems which we should be worried about or debate here because there is a chance that wife No1 met her husband no2 there in heaven? We should check that first and then debate about this question. It could be that everybody are happy and in love.

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