“ uses unprecedented processing power and machine learning to move research forward in a way that has never been done before.” That’s a blockchain doctor for you. Cool stuff.

Blockchain (not Bitcoin) to improve healthcare

Bitcoin is an implementation of a blockchain. Bitcoin could certainly be used in healthcare payments, but there is much more promise of Blockchain in Healthcare. A healthcare blockchain would be an immutable ledger of every interaction you have with the health system. Think of it …. a single source of truth for every doctor visit, vaccination, procedure and subscribed medication. No more paper files that could be lost.

Now, there is a Bitcoin(C) blockchain that is called Bitcoin BSV, that allows apps to store data as well as accept payments.

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Database of Remedies that work

Many people solve their health problems using different techniques or finding different solutions. It is not a standardized solution if 10 different people have the same illness.

One aspect of Bitcoin is a database. In the future one possibility is people inputting there own health successes, what they did and software sorts it all, so health practitioners around the world and normal people can use that information for more informed decisions

Imagine mixing that data with all the peer-reviewed scientific journal article, each persons own biological data, location environmental factors etc. Medicine can take new leaps through integration.

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