How can Bitcoin help us fight with Coronavirus?

We are looking for ideas about how could Bitcoin help us to fight the Coronavirus (or any future) pandemic.

Think about ways Bitcoin could help individuals through this, but also about how it could help health care systems to more efficiently cope with increased number of cases.

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Unfiltered channel of information

Based on what is happening now, the media and corporations are able to choose what the public sees and the story of what COVID-19 is. T.V., Youtube, or social media are free to decide what they allow through. And themselves are controlled by whoever funds them. Overall allowing them to sway the public in any direction they want. Without anyone knowing.

BSV, is a public database. Unbiased. Powerful in the future. Due to no censorship. People can see unfiltered information and make up their own minds. Including a range of solutions, not just one given by one group of people

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