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Accepted: In one word: Marketing

Modern marketing is not trivial. You need to leverage:

  1. Technical / On-Page SEO (so this very article has all the markups, social meta data, meta descriptions, title tags, etc…);
  2. Digital PR / Link Acquisition (get lots of authoritative blockchain and Q&A oriented websites to link to this website);
  3. Social Media Marketing / Influencer Marketing (build lots of outreach lists and asking influencers to join and share the site ongoing)
  4. Targeted PPC ads (create ads on Adwords, Instagram, Twitter and display networks to bring people here)
  5. Content Strategy & Marketing (produce regular high value content that brings people here)
  6. User Experience (make on-boarding as easy as any modern / incumbent app using a phone # or OAuth API)

All of these require you to understand your audience to be effective, so I would advise downloading this spreadsheet:

…and filling out the Persona portion in particular (to get a better understanding of your users are, what they value, etc…).

If your team genuinely tries to do each of these things in contextual and relevant ways to your brand and audience, you will see a major uptick in overall users.

Target people who already are in the BSV Ecosystem

Have a giveaway on Twitter and Twetch, where people have to Retweet and SIGN UP to Bitqa to enter.

One random person who both retweets and sign up wins X amount of BSV after 1 week, 72 hours, or any other time limit. Make the tweet explain what this site is about. Simply writing something like “earn BSV by answering questions!”

I never knew about this site after 1 year in BSV, out of luck I came across it.

Usability, marketing

The site needs to be more usable, and the experience should be just a tad better. This could be done in several ways.

  1. Add categories for several topics, this comes with filters of course. It will also be helpful to add an option to hide all answered questions.

  2. Set a time limit, upon which the pay out automatically, well pays out.

  3. Add a system to sort the questions in order of prize.

If we’d add social media marketing on Twitter, twetch, … etc, we would experience explosive growth in a very short time.

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