How is it decided whether a question has been answered satifactorally or not on BitQ&A?

How is it decided whether a question has been answered satisfactorily or not on BitQ&A? If I pose a question and someone answers do I have to approve their answer and then authorise payment?

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The person who asks the question needs to mark the answer as accepted

At the moment it is up to the person asking the question to mark an answer as accepted. This will also trigger the payout of the bounty.

I noticed that a lot of times people won’t come back and review answers, which makes bounties stuck. I am considering adding a time component to it - after some period of inactivity on the question auto accept answer with most votes that has reached certain vote threshold. This is just an idea for now. Would love to hear what community thinks about it.

The question poser decides who gets the bounty.

This poses several problems.

  1. It’s not objective.

  2. It should be decided by the amount of votes.

  3. There should be a predetermined time limit.

  4. An email notification system would be handy.

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