How to get more people use this great app?

I think this is a really great app and I would like to see more non Bitcoin related and more philosophical questions. So how to make this more public?

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This app was intended for coding feedback

Right now this app can be used for absolutely anything Maybe we should narrow it down to only coding or make separate apps four separate communities

Stack Exchange and Advertising on powping and twetch

I have come across this site once before and completely forgot about it but it’s great. I think that this should be part of Stack Exchange. haha. It could be it’s own ‘community’. I will start using this app more often and am about to share a link to this site in a few places.


  1. Buy more search engine ads like Google, Bing or Yahoo
  2. Buy more native ads like
  3. Buy more social network ads like
  4. Buy more popup ads like
  5. Search engine optimization

On board them to Money Button

Then tell them about all the awesome things they can do with it, including BitQ&A

It is just a start, but anyway....

Today I released an update of BitQ&A that improves verbosity of URLs and adds some metadata for search engines.

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