Is there a real world cancer cure. None pharmaceuticals

Lots of my friends family members have died of cancer. Neighbors family close friends the big question is is there a non-toxic medicine that can cure cancer fully

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Accepted Answer

Accepted: Research Bitter Apricot Seeds

Research “Bitter Apricot Seeds”

Nutrition is primary driver for health

I wonder about the same thing a lot, most deaths in the west are caused by: heart diseases and cancer which are also interconnected. In the past history primary cause of death was infectious diseases.

Today after eating meat and therefore consuming saturated fat, the immune system starts being stressed trying to sort out increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), etc levels.

While plant based diet decreases chances of various cancers.

Some cancers can also be related to the environment. There is evidence that number-two cancer killer, colon cancer is caused inability to completely straighten and clear the gut due to our non squatting posture on western style toilets.

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Based on my very limited knowledge, I don’t think there’s a universal cure for cancer, let alone non-toxic. That being said, I have read that some people were able to overcome cancer by extensive fasting. Take this with a grain of salt, as you should with almost anything you read on the internet.

Germanic New Medicine

in Germanic New Medicine all this is caused by an internal conflict. if you, as a doctor, represent these views, you will lose your title.

The Magic Frequecy Kills Cancer Noninvasively

Yes we can kill cancer with sound @ 100000Hz-300000Hz using the 11th harmonic. Please watch

Not Black and White :)

“is there a non-toxic medicine that can cure cancer fully”.

Cancer is a general umbrella term. It likely depends on the source of the cancer. Hence the solution is different for each person. Some cancers might be curable, some might not have curable roots. 

Coming from a family of sick and disabled people, I have also been curious and read stories of other people who have had cancer and there experiences.

A few brief examples of factors that may affect cancer in the system:

*Environmental: Air pollution, noise, chemical exposure, fragrances, paint, cooking utensils.

*Cultural and family conditioning, trauma, processing of feeling and emotion.

*Existential: Who am I? And what is my relationship to Life?

*Nutrition: Unnatural foods, weak gut flora, system deficiencies.

*Body: Flexibility, spine mobility, connection and relationship to the 5 elements.

Common things we have lost touch with are: Sunlight, direct contact with earth, connection with trees and nature.

There are many fascinating stories of people who had cancer and healed themselves, each undergoing a unique journey of discovery. Others tried and could not heal, no matter what.   So, to answer your question, it is both yes and no in my opinion!  It takes an exploration of each person’s system. Sorry, probably not the answer you wanted to hear. I hope you do find the answers you need for you and your family!

{I am not a medical profession and do not make any claims in the above post. Take it as one viewpoint of many, which can be entirely wrong}

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