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Accepted: The experience.

The fact that we can experience different sides of life. I think life in itself is a big experiment witjh no definite answer. People who experience life as boring are not fully living in my opinion.

A breath of fresh, cold air

Title says it all.

All those little moments

Life is not about those big things. All those small moments make a life:

A wonderful evening with the whole family, enjoying food, after that dancing to music.

Those smells, which take you back to your childhood.

A sunrise on a cold morning, freeing your nose with its chillness.

The first flowers blooming after a harsh winter, and your first smell of ‘em.

I could count on.

Watching this technology change the world for the better

I enjoy being part of a time where we might actually be able to be part of a global system that actually puts power in “the people’s” hands. Not just a central authority that we must obey regardless of what is morally or ethically the right way to act or be in society. We do not know a time in history where people from around the world could connect in the way we are right now to discuss the simplest things (or the most complex things) and trade information or experiences in this way. The microeconomics involved do a very good job of increasing quality of content, reducing spam, reducing trolling, and providing incentives to the users to offer quality information as opposed to garbage.

Keep on participating, keep my words in mind while using various applications or services and use BSV….don’t just day trade BTC. We all win if we use BSV in the spirit of bettering ourselves and others, providing interesting information, funny content, factual information, personal experience, and keeping the BSV culture pure.

Take advantage of being able to spread information in a positive way. It doesn’t go away once it is on chain so stay true and you can’t lose. We are living in an amazing time.

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