Provide examples of multi-sig scripts

What are the possible Bitcoin scripts to create a multi-sig transaction? Please provide the script code with explanations.

I would like to see at least two types of such scripts explained (OP_CHECKMULTISIG and the one with conditional OP_IF statements that Steve Shadders showed at this CoinGeek Seoul presentation). If there are more options, please list them as well.

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Accepted Answer

Accepted: Pay to Multi Sig from Bitcoin Wiki by Bitcoin Association


scriptPubKey: OP_3 <pubKey1> <pubKey2> <pubKey3> <pubKey4> <pubKey5> OP_5 OP_CHECKMULTISIG

scriptSig: OP_1 <sig1> <sig2> <sig4>

Explanation is at the link:


Complete puzzle is combined (scriptSig /spending script/ + scriptPubKey /locking script/) so: OP_1 <sig1> <sig2> <sig4> OP_3 <pubKey1> <pubKey2> <pubKey3> <pubKey4> <pubKey5> OP_5 OP_CHECKMULTISIG

op_checkmultisig params are: 5(OP_5) pubKeys and 3 (OP_3) signatures

This will yield true (and thus allow transfer of statoshis) if 3 signatures correspond to 3 out of 5 public keys.


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