Rem Atonia

During (REM) sleep, certain neurotransmitters shut down- this state is known as REM atonia. Motor neurons are not being stimulated in the nasal canal, which means they cant send those signals to the brain. Those signals are the trigger for the brain to initiate sneezing. Essentially getting adequate sleep is more important than sneezing.

You wake up to sneeze

While REM sleep turns off some neuro-sensors which make sneezing almost impossible, REM isn’t ALL of your sleep and normal symptons can creep in while not in REM sleep and wake you up and cause a sneezing attack. If you’ve ever had allergies or are allergic to the poisons typically sprayed on GMO crops, you’ll know that sneezing attacks in bed are quite common. But do you honestly think you could sleep thru a sneeze which produces “winds” > 200mph? No. You will wake up, then sneeze, then probably need many tissues to clear your sinuses in order to get your head back to a state you can sleep again.

So the simple answer is, you always wake up to sneeze, they don’t just go away. Some of the worst sneezing attacks, in fact, come right after waking up in the middle of the night or early morning as your REM sleep gets lighter or takes a break.

It's a falling tree

seems a sleeping sneeze is the same as a falling tree with no one around, did it make a sound? but did you sneeze?

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