The best source of information for an absolute beginner in blockchain aka BitCoin

I need the best source of information for absolute beginners into the space videos text whatever you can get the best information will win 😁

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Bitcoin White Paper

Learn from the source. You might only pick up a little info the first time but be diligent. Read it again and again. You will constantly glean great info about the system from it. Eventually we will be asking you how bitcoin works.

Inventing bitcoin

“Inventing Bitcoin” is a book that can help you as a begginer to understand everything about Bitcoin.

Also you can find on YouTube a lot of information in channels like “Ivan on tech”.

If you want to learn how to program on the blockchain you can go to the website “”

Metanet ICU

The information here is invaluable

Plus Craig S Wright is in here the best teacher in Bitcoin.

The Metanet: How To Own Your Data

Great question! I could not find a good in-depth guide either, so I decided to write my own.

Although BitCoin widely known for its use as a cryptocurrency, BitCoin is not solely designed for a monetary use case. BitCoin is an immutable accounting system – a clearing house – for any type of data. We call this the Metanet.

Read the in-depth guide to the Metanet here:

Thanks, Niels

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