The question itself is wrong.

You are thinking, not talking. You are thinking, not listening.

The thinker thinks.

The right questions is, who is the thinker?

Is it a function of your brain, or is it functioning in your brain?


Damn I’ve been doing this wrong I’ve been doing it out loud

There are various type of awarness

Whos speaking is your external, whos listening is your internal.

Half & half

The right hemisphere of the brain speaks and the left hemisphere listens and give advice… but sometimes it is the contrary.

Nothing is separate :)

“When you are talking to yourself inside your head, who is the one who is speaking and who is the one who listens?”

Both are made from the same fabric. In reality there is no separation between the voice and the listener. It only appears to be different from each point of view. The voice and the listener arise from and fall back to the same placeless place.

Imagine a T.V screen? If you watch a movie, there are mountains, people, animals, shooting, talking, people in the movie.

However all there is in reality is the screen. Only from the point of the characters in the screen everything is separate. If this sparks any interest, look up a man named Rupert Spira on YouTube.

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