What Is Happening With Regards Corona Virus?

  1. What is COVID-19?
  2. Where did it come from?
  3. How deadly is it?
  4. Why are we all under forced quarantine?
  5. Why are some nations essentially unaffected?
  6. Are there any known cures or treatments?
  7. Are there any fake elements which are weird beyond just sensationalism?
  8. What should we do on a personal level to stay healthy?
  9. What should we do geopolitically?
  10. What questions should I be asking?
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Accepted Answer

Accepted: These are just different views to what we have heard normally.

Note; none of the answers below are my own. I think is impossible to know the ‘truth’ around COV-19. But be open to not following just one narrative given by the media, spoon fed to us. Dispensed at timely intervals. We must listen to our own intelligence and make choices up.

What is COVID-19?

One version, of the hundreds of coronaviruses. The common cold is also a coronavirus. We currently have different forms of coronaviruses in our body right now. 

Where did it come from?

Many conflicting reports. Naturally occurring or some say bio-engineered since there is a timeline of reports and patents on it, leading a few years back. And many coincidences in the biology of the virus to come from natural selection. 

How deadly is it?

Many conflicting reports again. Some say that there is a big issue with accuracy of testing. The current testing method may not single out COVID-19 correctly. 

So when a test returns positive for COV-19, it may actually be testing positive for other genetic material. 

If someone dies from any other condition, say late stage cancer or heart disease, if they have also been tested for Coronavirus, the media use the phase: “Died after testing positive for COV-19”. Not “Died from COV-19”. This may be to boost ‘offical’ numbers.

It is uncertain why media are doing it this way.

Our current culture looks at cause and effect to solve problems. So problem: Virus, Solution: Vaccine.

But the body currently already has 380 trillion viruses in it (Human Virome). Living in harmony.

COV-19 has been singled out for some reason.

Why are we all under forced quarantine?

Social distancing of course is the main reason, that a virus is contagious, and can be spread close via close contact.

The same principle was spread by the government during the Spainsh Flu.

It has become ‘common’ knowledge that viruses can be spread via person contact. However it is difficult to find any medical studies to show this is true

Some say chess is being played. We are getting primed. 

Everyone can already see the impact on the economy has begun.

Why are some nations essentially unaffected?

Some would say, they aren’t needed on the worldwide stage as chess pieces.

Are there any known cures or treatments?

Strong immune system. Body system is like a battery. When it is charged well, it can handle a lot. 

Are there any fake elements which are weird beyond just sensationalism?

No one in public heath has given any advise to build a healthy immune system, worldwide.

What should we do on a personal level to stay healthy?

Research what builds a strong immune system. Such as Sunlight, fresh air, grounding, time off electronics, some body based meditations such as Yoga.

What should we do geopolitically?

Do our own research and make our own minds up. Not follow the singular narrative given by the media.

What questions should I be asking?

Why is the public health authorities not giving any advice on maintaining a good immune ourself, right now?

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So many questions...

#1 a lousy virus that nobody understands, and that’s what makes it dangerous

#2 a lab probably

#3 it’s pretty deadly, mostly because it destroys the whole medical system, which makes all other diseases be more lethal

#4 it’s not forced, it’s something we should do in order to stop the spreading of the virus. It’s not about you, it’s about other people (that are more susceptible to the virus)

#5 no nation is unaffected

#6 /

#7 /

#8 long story short? be smart

#9 hide

#10 you’re asking the right ones. BUT try to respond to each one on your own

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