What is the best way to split pre-BCH/BSV coins generated from a Bitcoin.com wallet?

Can I just use ElectrumSV with an alternative derivation path?

Please provide step by step instructions. If you go above and beyond with screenshots and more info, then I’ll tip another $5.00 on top.

Thank you!

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Send your bch to coinex.com and they will split them for you 1:1. Easy.

Use Edge Wallet

1)Download edge wallet. 2)Create a BCH wallet and send the unsplit coins. 3)Use the split Bitcoin SV option in the BCH wallet. 4)Now you have split BCH and BSV.


  • Send a tx containing the full balance from your Bitcoin.com wallet to an empty ElectrumSV wallet
  • Copy the transaction ID, and paste it into blockchair.com
  • From blockchair, click on the “Raw TX” button (http://i.imgur.com/GmdMas7.png), then copy the resulting “Raw transaction (hex)”
  • Navigate to https://whatsonchain.com/broadcast, paste in the raw transaction and broadcast
  • Ping a penny to the EXACT SAME ElectrumSV address, you can do so by pasting the address into HandCash and sending a penny (IMPORTANT: This will enable replay protection!)
  • Send the full balance from ElectrumSV back to HandCash
  • Recover your ElectrumSV seed from within the Bitcoin.com wallet to get access back to your BCH

Use Bitcoin script.

Use Bitcoin script. Send yourself the transaction on BSV with a non-standard script output. The BCH transaction will fail to propagate and thus won’t be replayable.

Using ElectrumSV

  • Make sure you have your seed phrase from the wallet you were using (ex. Electron Cash).
  • Import your seed phrase into ElectrumSV
  • Click the tab “coin splitting”, click “split” and then once it’s ready click to proceed.
  • You will notice two new transactions in your history, both are related to the split.
  • Once they’re confirmed, you’re good to go.

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