what is the cheapest computer to run SV

What is the cheapest desktop I can buy to run SV node at home and have it handle the biggest blocks today?

A link would be appreciated

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Use the BitcoinSV scaling testnet guide

The BSV scaling testnet is at the forefront of the scaling efforts on BSV. They recommend the following: Linux 64bit Operating System

6-8 CPU cores
32GB Ram
600GB+ Disk (Increases around 18GB per day without prune enabled)

Go to: https://bitcoinscaling.io/getting-started for more

I've just created a new branch for GitPod.IO node deployment.


This branch should run the final build steps. One click builds. Once it’s done building you have to sync the node. I will be adding a branch later that will sync with a blockchain.zip and see if I can speed up deployment even more.

There is no cheaper way to launch a full node that I know of, yet.

Run a node on GitPod.IO to get started.

I forked Bitcoin-SV to add GitPod.IO support so you can spin up a node in record time.

Just click https://gitpod.io/#https://github.com/auxon/bitcoin-sv to spin up a node with one click, wait a bit, then just run:

make make install

From your terminal. I am going to update it so it runs the final 2 steps in another branch and starts syncing.



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