Matterpool is the first miner to offer value added services for increased profitability. The first of which is Boost POW. for details. They’re also planning on using their cloud like bitcoin file system to incentivise people to upload huge files for lower fees based on supply and demand of space within blocks - quite ingenious.

SVPOOL obviously

SVPOOL - the initiative of Dr. Craig S. Wright. Just register, connect your hash and you are done!


Point your SHA256 miner to this pool and check it in about 15 minutes to make sure it is connected. Get paid daily. Easy as pie.

SVPool for PPLNS / SBI Crypto for FPPS

SVPool will be my first choice, but it seems that their website becomes a static wall with zero support and unresponsive web pages including that of sign-up for new users or contact forms if you need support. It is becoming a dead wall. I like that they share the actual rewards with transaction fess with all their miners via PPLNS payment method.

SBI Crypto Pool is my second choice. They are using a Full PPS payment method, which basically include the transaction fees too in their payment calculation. Though they don’t pay the actual rewards and fees, you are assured of a consistent higher payouts than other pools with their FPPS payment scheme. I like the way they setup their site and is accounting friendly for business.

It is important that you understand the payment scheme that other pools use. You can google all about PPLNS vs FPPS vs PPS for more info.

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