A few good ones I recommend

First one would be, it’s like a startpage showing most of the created things on BSV.

Second one would be, this is resourceful for both developers and end users looking for what’s available in the BSV space.

The third one I would recommend, they are behind the Bitcoin SV Channel (podcast/youtube). A great listen as well

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On the onchain & community curated BitCoin (BSV) App Store!

On the onchain & community curated BitCoin (BSV) App Store: https://BSVapps.Net

  • anyone can add new entries and vote on them with their BSV
  • you can then rank the apps by money or by votes
  • which is interesting because the money-based ranking is resistant to spam & vote manipulation.

Want to earn BSV by contributing ?

Since is community curated, you can add new apps yourself & earn BSV when people upvote your entries. How ? Go below the entries, and click “submit new link”, enter a title, a link & a short description and click add, it’s that simple! Now share the appstore to your friends.

Some stats, as of February 2020:

  • 73 BSV apps were added by the community
  • they received 271 votes
  • people voted on them with more than $200 of bsv
  • the best ranking app by money is :

Baemail : Paid Emails Onchain Before Anything Else mails: send and receive messages between paymails. Your inbox is sorted by highest value. It presents you with messages which are worth your time, removing distractions.

  • the best ranking app by number of votes is :

    Cityonchain a new on-chain information center organized around cities. Build your city on BSV !

This application store allows anyone to contribute both on adding apps & ranking them, which has the benefit that you don’t have to rely on only one person to update it regularly & you can contribute to help other users and earn some BSV as a reward. - the BitCoin (BSV) App Store - onchain & community curated

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