Which exchange should be used?

Of all the exchanges mentioned in Discord, Telegram, Slack and Twitter, none seems to stand out as the obvious choice. All seems to have had their good share of shenanigans, on way or another. Either by delisting, which is an obvious no go, or more dangerous business models like hyperleveraging, crypto loans and worse.

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Accepted Answer

Accepted: The BSV Exchange primer

This is a question that comes down to where you are located and what type of funds you plan to use to purchase BSV.

Assuming US, bittrex.com is the going to be the best direct USD to BSV option as they are licensed in most states. Circle may do something after the sale/release of poloniex.

Again assuming US, until November 1st, 2019 poloniex is a great indirect option via coinbase. You can purchase BSV like this: purchase USDC or BTC on coinbase, after those funds are available, transfer to poloniex. After those funds are received and credited on poloniex, purchase BCHSV on either the BCHSV/USDC market or the BCHSV/BTC market. Then transfer your BSV coins to the wallet of your choice. (I highly recommend centbee, exodus or simply.cash for experienced crypto users and handcash for beginners. Moneybutton is excellent for smaller amounts).

This same indirect method can be used with kucoin or coinex (instead of poloniex) though various daily withdraw limits may apply.

If using coinex, you could also purchase BCH on coinbase (instead of USDC or BTC), transfer those to coinex and purchase BSV in their BSV/BCH market.

Outside the US, flotsv is the most bsv friendly and highly trusted exchange, though liquidity may be smaller as it a newer exchange compared to the others listed.

Also outside the US, hitbtc and bitfinex also have BSV markets but while those exchanges have been around awhile, there have been more reports of problematic experiences. Your mileage may vary.

Not financial advice.

Centralized and Decentralized.


  1. Binance, bittrex for the more advanced traders. They offer a lot of functionality, and options.

  2. Gemini and coinbase for newcomers. Coinbase is also a great way to get your money into the system.


These exchanges offer the benefits of owning your own coins, as well as more privacy and anonymity.

  1. Bitshares is for the more advanced.

2)Waves has a simpler, more intuitive approach. They also offer passive income possibilities!

For Germany and the EU

It’s bitcoin.de

  • Reliable. Exists since 2011 and you will not find bad press on social media
  • Regulated, KYC/AML
  • App Support for selling and buying
  • Fast
  • A real exchange. — No questionable substitute Coins, Ponzi-Tokens, ICO-Tokens

If in Australia


BTC Markets


Independent Reserve

No 1 Choice for the UK

I would highly recommend Gravity from Bitstocks for UK residents.

LINK: https://gravity.bitstocks.com/register/personal-details

They offer instant buy and sell of Bitcoin only on their platform with very low fees around 1.5% They also provide highly secure cold storage free of charge for users and allow you to keep both BitCoin and £GBP in your account. Bank transfers are deposited available to use usually within the hour and sometimes in as little as 15mins. They also allow users to create multiple accounts within their main account if this is something that would be of use to you.

I believe they have plans to expand into Europe but for now only available in the UK.

If you are a UK resident this is the No1 choice, I would not go anywhere else.

One thing I would like to add is, due to the cold storage of you Bitcoin withdrawals are not instant and can take several hours. This is a trade of for having your Bitcoin highly secure in offline cold storage. Well worth it for security of your digital assets in my opinion.

If this is and issue for you then what I do is keep a little in a mobile wallet for regular use and quick access.

I recently tried KuCoin and it worked great

Title says it all…. :)

my exchages for BSV unordered





  • email + sms 2fa, no kyc needed
  • advanced market orders, but no fiat
  • ref link: can’t find it


I personally would use Kucoin. Started using it in 2017 and it’s been extremely helpful so far in acquiring BSV. I only use it very sparingly though. Once I buy BSV I transfer straight to a wallet I control.


I’ve used the Dutch exchange Bitvavo for months. They have listed quite a few virtual currencies besides Bitcoin SV.



I think you will like www.tdxp.app. You connect your moneybutton or relayxio wallet, and of you go. Everything is on-chain. no deposit fee no deposits no withdrawals no liquidation fee no trading fees (holding fees applied) All forex pairs in BSV. All COMMODITIES - BSV All INDICES - BSV All STOCKS - BSV All CRYPTO - BSV

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