Which will be the first BSV application that will catch mainstream adoption?

Now, this will obviously require some speculation, but why not. There are many exciting Bitcoin SV applications being released practically at a daily basis, but they are arguably mostly used by the (still small in grand scheme of things) BSV community.

I predict that at some point we’ll see one/some of those applications gain attention of the general public and take off - probably dragging the entire ecosystem with them.

If you could bet which (or what kind of) app that will be, what would you bet on?

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Accepted Answer

Accepted: 100% Twetch - Read This Answer

Hello there, what a great question.

As things stand, I’d say twetch depending on wallet development. Recently, I have started to use RelayX beta on twetch. Once you do this, you forget that you are using bitcoin. The reason why you forget that you are using bitcoin, is because there are no swipes.

When non-swipe wallets evolve - this will both simplify things, and increase the speed of useage for all bitcoin platforms that require a UI.

I put twetch forward, for a few reasons. Firstly, the aggressive, ruthless, confident & intelligent nature in which they take market share. We can all see it happening. If you couple this with a strong ability in areas, such as marketing, design, coding and support from the space - its difficult to see how this business will not reach mainstream adoption in the future.

This business has a complex understanding regarding the principles of social media and the monetisation of it. They add to this, a unique flair and release features on a weekly basis.

Once users discuss earnings and the platform with friends - many more users will join. On arrival, they will be greeted with zero advertising, and a top end UI.

Twetch want the market, and I believe they have it in them to take it from twitter, instagram etc. They are up for this, mark my words on the bsv blockchain!

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Twetch - the interface to bitcoin

Evolving social media platform accelerated by Bitcoin SV


This will be the GateWay that will open up access to all other applications.


This could be the one, the concept of answering questions for a bounty is attractive.

I would just suggest a better UI and the opportunity to look for specific topics.


The first group to develop a WEB BROWSER

that works over BSV

using a SIMILAR model (not exactly the same) to the +++Brave Browser and their BAT (Basic Attention Token)+++

will be the biggest, most useful way to bring people in to this community (The BSV community). Twetch is a great interface, but the way to get more users on board is to create something that everybody uses online. A browser that gives the user “kickbacks” for their attention to different advertisements and allows the consumer to receive useable currency in exchange for their data that would otherwise be “stolen”…that’s the most successful BSV application right there. I’d bet just about anything on it.

Digital stamps

Postage stamp with qr codes and sv dragon logo. No other information on the package other then the stamp that has the send and receive physical address or perhaps gps coordinates. And then a postal sorting machine that can read the codes and direct the packages. Then deliver by drone or human perhaps make the stamp reloadable and the box reusable. And maybe encrypted letter (birthday note,song, link) or invoice on the qr. Please tip


Chat, photos, marketplace, organized around cities. Cities owners get paid for activity in their cities and can sell ad space, chat users and photos uploaders get paid from likes.


https://twitter.com/BittBoards combines the simplicity of bitcoin with real world impulse shopping while protecting user privacy. People won’t even know they are using bitcoin, but they will know they want a designer watch or gym shoes that they can buy on the spot!


The developers need to easily monetize their software. This is the first time something like this is possible.

Money Button, Twetch, Maxthon

Money Button - For payments and BSV transactions (read/write to blockchain) Twetch - For social media Maxthon - As a cross platform browser

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