Who will reach speed of light first?

Whenever the fastest antelopes escape and the slowest are eaten, it becomes more and more difficult for future lions to catch the fast antelopes, so that only the fastest lions can survive and reproduce. This leads to ever faster lions and antelopes. So the question is, who will reach the speed of light first? Lion or antelope?

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False Premise

They cannot ever reach the speed of light as mammals. Infinite energy required. Skeleton / muscle is the limiting factor. Two normal distributions, antelopes distribution includes slightly higher outliers.


If the lion runs faster than the antelope in the end he catches him now the next generation antelope will be faster than its previous ancestor But the antelopes Sprint is first much faster than the Lions in the end it will always be the fastest And now it also can move into time and space the past and the future and beyond


Antelopes are already faster, cheetah will reach the speed of light first, then antelopes, then lions.

Or the first that will fall into the black hole :D

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