A trap of our modern culture

Yes agree on what you say! Schools practice for the future, but the practicing is only in relation to a skill. A skill that we contribute to society for physical means. Such as practicing how to build how house, fix a car, do electrical wiring etc. Perfection is required for the physical. Physical is all about geometry and form.

But outside of physical, such as emotional. mental aspects of who we are as humans, the schooling system fails, since being perfect does not apply. As there is no such thing as being perfect in those aspects.

So the term “practice makes perfect” is archaic or a failed old phase that tries to conceptualize all of what it means to be a human. Only really applies to one minor aspect.

“but nobody’s perfect so why practice?”

Yes, we need to remove the crippling idea of trying to always be perfect in comparison to someone else. And practice for the fun of it. Learn a skill or similar, simply to explore life. Practice for enjoyment

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